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Instead of preparing themselves for M.Tech courses at IITs some of those who got good rank in GATE have been seen promoting their stuffs and even sharing referrals to coaching institutes. For any serious candidate preparing for GATE all information should be available in the GO blogs given below and many aspirants have even shared their full preparation experiences. Still many will be looking for “spoon feeding” and if you want to help them you can do at your own place – not here. By sharing your notes if you believe you are helping aspirants – 99% you are not.

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But just providing link to download standard books isn't a spoon feeding.I have seen many posts that have shared their notes here, i don't know whats wrong in that.If you don't trust me see this post recently posted on GO:

When i was preparing it was difficult for me to find the right book to study from, that's why i posted and gave links to download them,that's not promoting stuffs. I have not given any reference to any coaching material.



Whichever reference posted here goes through a review by someone and that's why that blog stayed. If we feel the post is going to harm aspirants in the long run we won't allow them. Can you tell if you posted any standard book which is not given in in your blog? And you definitely added reference to coaching material which in your opinion might be good but not in others. And there are many posts by others too adding even reference key to coaching. If you feel that's right, fine. But not here.
actually sir, i just wanted to share the books i used for my preparation, and also in that books whichever topic i felt was given in a really nice manner ,i have marked that in the books pdf(like some examples which i felt were good).

That post was just to help the aspirants also i have shared my GO pdf with question marked already which i felt were really good and helped me a lot in clearing the concepts.

So sir, the post was just to give it back, many toppers including you @gatecse helped me during the preparation(by comments, answers) , there is no promotion involved sir, i am not getting any profit by sharing books.

I respect your opinion,would be forever grateful to this website for helping me getting a good rank in GATE.

You can always share them in your preparation experience blog. I'm not sure if you had noticed or not numerous people have been just posting here just to promote their stuffs - all of them are deleted but it does harm the community and bring in more restrictions to the genuine contributors. Some "smart" people even edit their posts and add referral links for petty benefits. Thats why we dont allow any whatsapp/telegram posts too. If you genuinely want to help aspirants you can always do it - but before that you should help yourself to get used to IIT/IISc environment. Many seniors did the same and they have put nice assignment works here

so sir, can i share all my resources in the google drive link in the preparation blog(even if i used some coaching book also for aptitude and math)??
When i used to GO for studies in 2017,18.That time GO was very flexible and dynamic.

Now very restricted I felt very sad for this. It is just like that how government controlling todays internet world.

after this comments may be i will be block or my accounts suspended only god knows😅.

I have learned lot of things that time from GO .I am always thankful to GO aspirants and members.

@Vidyadhar Its very easy for us to allow everything here. Absolutely no job for us. Then what'll you get? Just think for it once. 

When GO started only good audience were here and hence no control was needed. As more audience came so did all those who are interested in "marketing" their stuffs. If those are genuinely interested in helping aspirants can always answer the questions here:

And regarding blocking - I dont think any user account is blocked here in near past because spam posts are getting pruned. If you want to see if "blocking" works, feel free to give a try. 


more misuse - more restrictions

It is regressive thinking admins of Gate Overflow
Yes, regressive for those looking for spoonfeeding and those looking for promotion. But for those kind of people there are plenty of alternative and please feel free to use them.

@abhinav kumar  the way you're able to crticise with such ease and your voice isn't muted/blocked/deleted shows that platform believes in constructive criticism(mentioning this bcoz this is not same with the case of other coaching institutes/ orgs , where you'll not only get bombarded with hate or your voice is lost).So your argument of "regressive thinking" is too shallow to even respond. 


In my 3 yrs ,GO policy have never preferred/promoted such worshipping ideas and OG admins have mention it comments and blogs that they will not promote any Short Notes/Fundas/Tricks. Funny thing is even i used to think what's wrong with pre written notes, guess what once i understood this making notes is core part of prep it was good. 


It is highly unlikely that you'll get bothered by this comment and if you really care then you'll trust atleast those guys who are selflessly running this portal before me and you even know GATE. :-)

As much as I would like to engage people by writing an elaborate paragraph like @SomeEarth, I don't think grifters elicit such kind of responses. It's sufficient to say from their unsubstantiated arguments they're much better off to be left alone in their own worlds.

no need   to get hurt.When we can promote gate overflow ;then students can also promote their content..Knowledge only increses by sharing
if you want rainbow you have to deal with the rain