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Hello Everyone....!!

Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE 2022.

You can see the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts please drop a comment to this post..!!

Schedule of Tests

Features of the Test Series

  1. All questions formed and verified by GATE Overflow team
  2. Emphasis on coverage of all question types in GATE 
  3. Both technical as well as grammatical errors are proofread before test creation
  4. Tests can be taken any time from the creation date
  5. Detailed solution will be provided for all the test questions with option for commenting doubts
  6. Questions will be on GATE Overflow site and visible only to those who have taken tests
  7. Any change in answer key will be updated immediately and notified to all takers
  8. Any wrongly answered question will be automatically added to “Wrongly Attempted” Question list which you can view anytime for revision
  9. Tests consists of three types
    1. 22 Subject wise tests which includes 20 two-marks and 10 one-marks questions for 50 marks and 90 minutes
    2. 4 Mix-subjects tests which will include questions from multiple subjects and same marking scheme as subject wise tests
    3. 6 full length mock tests in the exact format as actual GATE (65 questions, 100 marks, 180 minutes)
  10. Test Interface can be tried here (Tests by Mentors and Previous year papers are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user)

Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2022

Subscribe from May 16 for ₹ 999. (The test access will be removed by May 1, 2022).

Those registering until May 31 will get $₹ 100$ early bird discount. 

You should login and if you do not have a GO account you can just register for free. GO contributors are given discount for test series access like follow

Payment Option Coming on May 16

Discounts for GO contributors

  • All editors on GO site can get test series access for $₹ 10$ 
  • All GO users having $5000+$ user points on GO site as of May 1, 2021 also get test series access for $₹ 10$ 
  • If you have any bonus points (which are given for good behaviour) same will be reduced from your test series amount up until the last $10$ – that is, if you have $1000$ bonus points, test access will be given for $₹ 10$ 
  • GATE 2021 test series subscribers can get test access for $₹ 399$
  • Those who preordered GATE Overflow book for GATE CSE 2022 can get a $10\%$ discount if they subscribe using the same GO account
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any early bird discount? 😅


Edit: thanks for adding the 100₹ discount for those who buy early
never seen such a reasonable price chart 🤩
2021 test will be removed or not?

 i joined 2021 test series will i get 2022 for 399 rupees and also till which date

Hi, I was a subscriber of GO test series 2021, the post mentions that I can buy GO 2022 test series for 399, how do i apply the discount. Thanks!
When registration will start I wanna pre register ?
@gatecse Can we get acess to2021 test series if we buy 2022 test series?

Tests by Mentors and Previous year tests are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user

I think they will be accessible regardless if someone bought them last year or not

edit: clarified below by Arjun Sir

Why everyone wants last year tests?

Just to be clear, the tests of 2021 was carefully made to cover all topics and this was much harder than preparing for GATE. So we'll never waste those questions. Moreover like previous year questions here those questions have also got answers and discussions which also we'll never waste.

GATE 2022 tests will be an incremental addition over 2021 tests. There'll be some movement of questions between tests and some additional questions. Whichever questions that are replaced by new ones will still be available in the corresponding tag page which will be visible once the corresponding test is taken. Overall you'll not lose any question from last year.

Tests by Mentors - this is any test added by mentors and they are not part of GO test series. So far only Bikram Ballav has done it and he did it for free and thats why those tests are free for everyone.
And all discounts mentioned should happen automatically when you try to do payment because unlike last year you have to be logged in here to do payment (better integration).
Sir will gst be applicable on top or is it inclusive?

@Chaku I dont think GO is reaching the GST requirement limit (I'll check though). Is any other GATE site charging GST?

Well only on made easy and ace GST is applicable, rest dont charge gst as far as I know
That make sense as GST is applicable only if revenue is above 10 lakhs. We should be well below that.

@ sir, Thanks for this help. I know that the test charges are minimal but still, there are certain financial problems for certain economically backward students like me. This corona and lock-down is adding to the problem of lower the family income. Can some help be provided? I know it looks odd and I feel ashamed to ask for help, despite this less amount, but since I am still asking for it sir, I hope you can understand the situation. I can provide necessary documents like an income certificate, gate scorecard if required. Waiting for your reply sir... (I tried to contact you privately, but I do not know a way of doing so)

@HitechGa As mentioned in the post those who contribute here can get bonus points and that can be used for test subscription. Last year we were giving this to weekly toppers and many started abusing it. Thats why this year it'll be monitored by moderators and no strict rule is mentioned. Just to remind

  1. Adding copied answers or answering already answered questions - negative points

For those not knowing to answer CSE questions can answer Aptitude ones too. If one believes he/she has done enough contribution to get free tests and still hasnt got any bonus points can email to support at

@Arjun sir. Thanks for the guidance. I just want to clarify few points. So if I contribute from now and work well then I can use my future bonous points to get hold of the test?

Secondly, are bonous points different from the normal points obtained?
Yes. They are entirely different. Normal points are given based on fixed points for answers, likes etc and one can manipulate and get it high. But bonus points are given manually and only for genuine contribution. For example only about 10 people would have got it last year on GO.
Sir, how can we get bonus points, what should we do to get them?