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Hello, everyone,

This post is not about advising or telling preparation strategy or motivating future aspirants.

Here I am just going to share my short story behind attempting CS Gate’17 and eventually joining this Gateoverflow platform.

I am a B.Tech graduate from NIT-Silchar in Mechanical Engineering ($2011-2015$). While I was in $3$rd or $5$th semester of my engineering I was attracted towards programming and algorithms. One of my ECE friend advised me to practice algorithmic questions from CLRS. At that time I enjoyed those topics but I was having no idea what I am going to do with my newly found interest in programming. Anyway I continued studying only programming and some standard algorithms.

It was in the year of $2015$, when I was placed in some MNC in mechanical area in the month of January, and then I got a lot of free time to seriously study more CS topics, like basics of compilers, some number theory etc. This time I was deeply involved in CS and read about different areas in computer science through various online sources. So,towards the last days of college, I finally made my decision of attempting Gate computer science in upcoming year (btw was not sure when).

In $2015$, May - June after leaving college, I studied computer organization subject from Patterson and Hennessy along with one youtube video series. It was a nice self learning experience. In the month of July, I came to Delhi and Joined in that EPC company.

While I was doing my job I completely lost touch with CS subjects. Btw I bought all CS books with my first salary :). Somehow I managed to read few chapters from Galvin, Kenneth, some NPTEL lectures on OS+CO. And my study sources were mostly books. No prev. gate QS + no coaching at that time.

I knew that, with my current situation I was nowhere near the GATE preparation, with most of the subjects untouched. I was not aware of Gatesce resources at that time.I was getting a bit tensed in the month of December'15 and January’16 regarding my future career along with my current job in mechanical.

Some days passed, 2016 gate was over. That ECE friend did prepare at home and scored AIR-294. He told me to use Gatecse and Gateoverflow.

In the month of February, I decided to join made-easy so that I could speed up my preparation in CS and complete GATE syllabus in time. I started using gateoverflow in this month. Coaching started and it was becoming rigorous after one month. I found myself in a critical situation with job schedule and new topics every day.

Because of some reason I had to resign from the job in the month of April 2016. Now I got ample amount of time to study new subjects and solve problems related to gate for the first time in my life. The joy and happiness I felt was beyond expression.

From the month of July I started regularly visiting Gateoverflow website. I found it very useful. But here is the fact regarding Gate overflow with respect to me. I never took gate overflow as a path to success in Gate. Rather I consider it in two ways : One : A source of learning computer science, because every time whenever I searched few pages in here, I found a lot of new topics that I had never touched. As I explored more in gateoverflow, I learned a lot of new topics in short span of time. Second : A way to express myself. This second reason is the perfect reason why I am writing this post today. Every Time I wrote some answers I got deeply involved in it and described it in the most natural way a naive learner would think of solving a question. At that time my knowledge was limited in CS and picked only a few Questions to answer.

In this process, I met some nice people. Manish, Kapil, Srestha, Shiva, Shushant, ManojK, Akriti, Vijaycs, Anusha, Shobhit, Sachin, Uddipta and many more. With some of them I interacted a lot till the month of december. Thank you ALL.

For me Gateoverflow became my own little facebook :). Irrespective of Gate outcome, I learned a lot from all the active GO users with their optimal answers and useful comments.

The person I must need to thank: Arjun Sir. He inspired me a lot. And I learned a lot from his answers of previous gate questions. Despite of his schedule, he is also very active on this site.Thank you Sir.

I sincerely thank the people behind this site creation and Bikram Sir for providing us with quality GO test papers.

This year I attempted GATE in CS SET-$1$. I attempted more than $70$ but, we all know mistake happens and that brought down my actual score to $59 - 3 = 56$. Finally, I got a rank $383$.

I also thank all go contributors who helped me in one or other way during last year.

Finally, I would like to say that, everything starting from computer science subjects + coaching + gateoverflow + writing answers , all these started in $2016$ and  most importantly my passion in CS and all these prevailed throughout the entire year. Thank you all and hope that I will be able to contribute more in upcoming years.




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Actually @Debashish @mcjoshi  tried to do big video conference.
So, forget about small latex.

Sorry . Pardon me . :p

srestha  :D :D :D . 


Truly inspiring !! :)
Congrats  Debashish .Learned a lot from you.Thanks :)
congratulations debashish.I have truly learned a lot from had always explained all my silly or not so silly queries in the most efficient and detailed manner.i always gain knowledge by reading your answers.

so,thanks a are truly inspiring.:-)

and i wish u all the best in life.
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