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posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 by Active (2,781 points)

First of all thank you everyone here in Gate Overflow Community for making this place a knowledge heaven.
I learned lot of new things , cleared lot of doubts regarding various topics here.Finally Got AIR 260 

About My Journey 
I am 2015 pass out from Guru Jambheshwar University,Haryana where i didn't learned anything at all.Quality of education is miserable there.But i managed to get a job in Service Based MNC through off campus placement and they didn't gave me joining during whole year. At that time i didn't know much about GATE  so my only thinking was to get into an MNC only.I wasted about an year just for a joining .I learned some Web Development and mostly wasted my time.But after an year i started to realize i can't live like this.Then one of my friend advised me to take GATE coaching and from there i started my preparation.Initially my mind was an empty box,every weekend i learned some new things it was just an amazing feeling for me.But unfortunately i was not able to cover 4 subjects for GATE-2017 which costed me a lot. I got AIR 1747 untill then i didn't knew what GO community is , then freind told me about GO and i found this community so helpful and has rich source of knowledge.In Feb 2017 that MNC sent me joining letter and i joined that company but after 2 months i left that company and decided to prepare full time for 2018.During whole year GO community is my only source for doubt clearing and learning new concepts and finally i was able to secure AIR 260 and also cleared ISRO exam with 24 rank but Got rejected in interview.

Thats all ,this is my story in short.Again I wish to thank all GO community and my family for such support because without them i couldn't have done this.

My English is also miserable like my Btech college :D



commented Mar 17, 2018 by Active (2,985 points)
which coaching u joined in first attempt
commented Mar 17, 2018 by Active (2,781 points)
Made Easy Weekend Batch started in July
commented Mar 17, 2018 by (199 points)

Enjoy your life man!

commented Mar 17, 2018 by Boss (11,495 points)
Congratulations :)
commented Mar 17, 2018 by (351 points)
Congrats! What is your gate score and marks?
commented Mar 17, 2018 by Active (2,781 points)

Thank You very much everyone :)

commented Mar 17, 2018 by Active (2,781 points)
Marks - 60.67
Gate Score - 775
commented Mar 18, 2018 by Boss (11,741 points)
Congrats...  :) :)
commented Mar 18, 2018 by (199 points)

Have you bought std Books for gate prep or use pdfs to read concepts+made easy notes?
commented Mar 18, 2018 by Active (2,781 points)
i have standard books which i reffered during gate2018 prep.I can't read much longer on computer screen
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