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GO Community is Awesome AIR-260 - GATE Overflow
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First of all thank you everyone here in Gate Overflow Community for making this place a knowledge heaven.
I learned lot of new things , cleared lot of doubts regarding various topics here.Finally Got AIR 260 

About My Journey 
I am 2015 pass out from Guru Jambheshwar University,Haryana where i didn't learned anything at all.Quality of education is miserable there.But i managed to get a job in Service Based MNC through off campus placement and they didn't gave me joining during whole year. At that time i didn't know much about GATE  so my only thinking was to get into an MNC only.I wasted about an year just for a joining .I learned some Web Development and mostly wasted my time.But after an year i started to realize i can't live like this.Then one of my friend advised me to take GATE coaching and from there i started my preparation.Initially my mind was an empty box,every weekend i learned some new things it was just an amazing feeling for me.But unfortunately i was not able to cover 4 subjects for GATE-2017 which costed me a lot. I got AIR 1747 untill then i didn't knew what GO community is , then freind told me about GO and i found this community so helpful and has rich source of knowledge.In Feb 2017 that MNC sent me joining letter and i joined that company but after 2 months i left that company and decided to prepare full time for 2018.During whole year GO community is my only source for doubt clearing and learning new concepts and finally i was able to secure AIR 260 and also cleared ISRO exam with 24 rank but Got rejected in interview.

Thats all ,this is my story in short.Again I wish to thank all GO community and my family for such support because without them i couldn't have done this.

My English is also miserable like my Btech college :D

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posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018
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which coaching u joined in first attempt
Made Easy Weekend Batch started in July

Enjoy your life man!

Congratulations :)
Congrats! What is your gate score and marks?

Thank You very much everyone :)

Marks - 60.67
Gate Score - 775
Congrats...  :) :)

Have you bought std Books for gate prep or use pdfs to read concepts+made easy notes?
i have standard books which i reffered during gate2018 prep.I can't read much longer on computer screen
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