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A journey from AIR 3511 to AIR 94

I  completed my B.Tech. from The NorthCap University Gurgaon in 2017. I have given gate twice once during final year(rank 3511) and now in 2018 with full-time repeat by self-preparation. I really want to express my gratitude to WAHEGURU, MY FAMILY and GO OVERFLOW Community.

How Gateoverflow helped me:-

  1. Best possible solution to each and every previous year questions. It has not only helped me in building my concept but also the answers written by people like Arjun Sir, Sachin Mittal, Debashish Deka motivated me to have to the good grasp over the concept and in-depth knowledge regarding the topic like them.
  2. Best Test Series as the level of the questions were similar to GATE. Thank you Bikram Sir for providing these tests.
  3. Best possible answers to my doubt by gateoverflow users like Joshi Nitish, Ashwani Kulkarni.
  4. Giving the accurate rank prediction. As per Praggy App, my Rank estimate was 88-119 and I got 94 rank. Thankyou Pragy Sir and Arjun Sir for this app.

My Strategy

  1. Build my concept from standard books and by watching some videos on youtube.
  2. After finishing my syllabus. I revised it for the first time and solved all previous year questions subjectwise.
  3. Revised my notes and did previous year questions once again.
  4. I started giving topics and subjectwise tests. I used to note down my mistakes and any new concept being asked in the question in a separate register.
  5. After completing subject test I revised my notes again and mistakes that I have committed while giving tests.
  6. Start giving Full-length tests.

InShort:- I have read books and solved only previous year questions multiple time.

Mistakes did by me during preparation:-

  1. Started aptitude bit late i.e in end of December due to which able to score only 11/15 marks despite the fact that this year aptitude was very easy.
  2. Feeling depressed when use to score lesser marks in test series but actually marks in test series are not the right way to judge your preparation.
  3. While giving the GATE exam couldn’t able to maintain the cool and panicked because of thinking about the results.


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congrats for your incredible upgradation :)
Bhai you had helped me to clear my doubts and

Same to you AIR 14 :)
Congratulations Akshay :) and Nitish you too :)
Congo :)
Thankyou @saxena0612 and @Anu007

@akb1115 Congratulations


Thankyou  @Sukanya Das and Lakshman