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Hello everyone :)

So after a long time, writing comments, answers and asking the question, finally a day came to write a testimonial.

i am currently final year undergraduate and secured AIR-14, GATE-2018(CSE).

Firstly, i would like to thank my family for having belief and faith on me. now 50% credit goes to me(my hard work, passion) and other 50% completely goes to Gateoverflow.

If i start to descirbe a role of gateoverflow in this testimonial, i will end up in taking lot and lot of time, therefore i will just summarize it. Arjun sir is my idol and i owe my success to him. apart from this a great thanks to Bikram sir, Habib sir, K.D sir, srestha mam, Anu007 sir and some of my good friends Hemant Parihar, Ashwin Kulkarni, just_bhavana, saxena0612, rahul sharma, Shivam Chauhan and many more.

Now here are some tips for GATE-2019 aspirants.

  1. Firstly end up in finishing your syllabus as early as possible, I finished my entire syllabus till August end (as it lays a foundation of your preparation). Finishing syllabus means you should know underlying concepts beneath every topic. GATE is an exam which only test concepts(not a rote learning or direct formulas) .
  2. Then revise your subjects on weekly basis(it is most important part of preparation), and practice as much questions as possible, and gateoverflow is indeed best for it, because practicing lot of new questions help in generating a mind that can tackle a new question in GATE
  3. Sometimes days come when you feel very low(like secured very less in test series, not able to grasp some concepts, not able to solve questions, at that time don't loose your will and keep going :)
  4. Never set a mindset, in exam i had a mindset that i have to not touch english questions, after exam i came to know that those questions were very very easy and due to which i was in lost of 2 marks(silly lost).

Finally, all the best to all the aspirants of GATE-2019, Use gateoverflow as much as possible(if you are really aiming for top ranks), have a faith and belief in yourself and that's all that is needed :)

Thank you!

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Well deserved rank.. Congratulations Nitish

Good Luck for future :)
thankyou Vidhi, Ashwani and Sukannya and all the best to you all too :)
your comments to questions  helped me a lot during preparation. Congrats & all the best.
Thank You so much sir for giving tips.

I will give my best.
Congrats man. You wrote gate in B.Tech 3rd year?
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