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posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 by (317 points)
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Although AIR275 (GATE18 1st attempt) is not that good rank. But 5 months back when I joined GO even this was not possible...thanks a lot, everyone in GO ... I was not much of a contributor but more of a follower but now I think I should have participated in those healthy discussions. I devoted first 3 years of my college life to competitive coding, web and Android development but being from a teir3 college these things were not enough to fetch a job with a decent package... after discussions with friends and seniors, I decided to prepare for gate'18 half-heartedly (because I thought getting into IIT would be tough just like JEE advance but this is not the case with GATE if you are conceptually clear and have a good presence of mind you can crack gate with a good rank ) .... 

although the list of people who guided me and helped me during GATE is large but would like to give special mention to Ashwin Kulkarni , My batchmates Atul Bhandari ,Amrendra, Satyam rohella,Shubham,Neeraj  discussions and following these guys helped and encouraged me a lot to clear my concepts.
THANK YOU so much, GO, family,



commented Mar 18, 2018 by Boss (11,221 points)
Congrats Abhijeet  :)  :)
commented Mar 18, 2018 by (351 points)
Congrats! What is your Gate score and marks?
commented Mar 18, 2018 by (317 points)
thank you ... and marks- 60.33
commented Mar 18, 2018 by (351 points)
and score?
commented Mar 18, 2018 by (317 points)
commented Mar 19, 2018 by Boss (17,871 points)
Heartiest Congratulations brother :) (Y). Thanks for mentioning me in your post!
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