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Thank you Gateoverflow and all its generous knowledgeable contributors - GATE Overflow
The Gateway to Computer Science Excellence
( Its a brief "Thank You note". I am looking forward to write a lengthy post in near future to help future aspirant ).

I am a final year student and I got AIR 94. Marks 67.33. (Quite disappointed because of the stupid blunders I committed worth 15 marks but it is what it is and I can't do anything but accept the fact. But hope it helps whosoever reads it to realize the importance of solving questions carefully.)

I want to thank Arjun sir, all the veterans of GO and the whole GO community who is always willing to help and guide one through one's way. The quality discussions with sources to reliable content helped to level up my thinking and shaped the perspective as how to approach a problem. Actually to a famous person who once said that "nothing worthwhile comes free", I want him to have a look at GO and get to appreciate the values of this community. I am really thankful to GO.

Quick tips for future gate aspirants(which helped me and my friends who are under 100):

// These are just my views and may/may not work. So take it with a pinch of salt.

1) Standard books( I did not buy and but had pdfs of all and I used to highlight the content I would want to reread)+ Reliable material from universities(available online).

2) GO pdf I started solving it from mid-december. The discussions about standard questions help a lot.

3) I will encourage you to Master Maths and Programming at first and do in-depth study for the same. These will be helpful in other subjects as well. More specifically, combinatorics, probabilty and discrete Maths( Logic and tree, graphs are super important) in maths part and C, SQL, Data structure, Algorithms in programming. You should at least study this part very thoroughly and in first place.

4) If possible Do competitive programming, it will help you in ways you can't imagine. BONUS: Colleagues who used to do programming got better rank ( Just an observation, doesn't necessarily mean its true).

I am very grateful to whole GO community and whosoever has ever contributed even in a very small proportion.

Thanks a Trillion.

Wish you a lot of success.

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posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018
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Congratulations :)
Congrats :) :)
Congratulations Brother
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