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I am Ahwan Mishra, Air: 223 in gate 2018, This is all about my journey with gateoverflow.

    I had started my preparation for gate 2017 from a long time before the exam. I could not get what I wanted in my first attempt. I felt like, I gave my best, so GATE might not be my cup of tea. This is what I deserve. I was going to study in NIT Durgapur/Rourkela. Then someone came into my life for whom my life is going to be better. He is @Bikram sir.  He said me again and again that you should try once more, you will get into IITs next year. He knew me just for 2-3 months before that. Still, I had not decided to drop a year, I was not convinced enough. Then I saw a video in youtube by Sandeep Maheshwari. Its title was "Kuch To Log Kahenge".  That video affected my mind so much, I felt he was talking the exact same thing which I was going through. I did not have any reason for not dropping a year, the only thing I was wondering was "What will I answer to my relatives about not joining Job or mtech?". Anyway, I took the decision of dropping a year and convinced my family and said Bikram sir that I was dropping.

From that time Bikram sir was constantly motivating me in our fb group. Then I sticked to GO pdf only. I did not do any unnecessary material or qsn bank or test series.  I just focused on GO pdf which contains GATE, TIFR, CMI, ISI previous year question as per Arjun Sir's advice. I think they are huge in number and very logical. Nothing else is required for practicing.

 Then I became a friend with a guy named Bala with whom I was discussing difficult questions from GO pdf. Thank you bro, for being my friend throughout the gate preparation and for those long discussions of hours and hours on FB.

 In the last two months every day I was giving previous year gate full length at exact time 9:00. The advantages are you will get addicted to sitting 3 hours, you will get addicted to the gate interface, and the type of questions. A disadvantage is, it makes you slower. You can think it as a practice, not as a test and try to solve it within 2-2.5 hours. Anyway, I got Air: 223 this time. Could have been way better, but this year my main goal was to be in safe side. So I took more time in each and every qsns. So did not get time to do all questions and did some silly mistakes too. (You cant get rid of it, only you can reduce it.)

And thank you GO for everything. When it is the "one and only", nothing else is even close to it.. Do I need to say anything about it? The best source for prev yr qsns, most accurate rank and score predictor. Simply the best source for GATE.

Anyway, in the end, I thank all my teachers, seniors and friends.  Thank you Arjun Sir, Bikram Sir, Ravi Sir, Praveen Saini sir, @Debashish Deka bro, @Sachin Mittal bro, @Shiva Kulshreshtha bro, @Habib bro, @Digvijay Pandey bro, @balaeinstein, @Vineet, @Hemant.

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"A disadvantage is, it makes you slower."

Why do you say, solving Mock tests, makes you slow?

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I have talked about prev yr full length tests. Not mock tests. Since you already remember questions, so you should try to solve them in 2hrs.


Please share ur interview experience

Sorry to say, I had not gone for even a single interview.