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I went all out.

Year: 2017(Final year, Engg.) I didn't opt for placements as I wanted to do masters. I applied for MS in the US, got rejects from every university(top 30 - 50). I took the decision to drop an year and not to apply for MS in US as it doesn't make sense to spend lakhs of rupees for universities below 50 rank.

I went all out.

I prepared for gate 18 like hell. Sacrificed everything, movies, friends, even family. I messed up during the exam or maybe the surroundings messed me up. There was construction going on near the test center(just for three hours 9 am to 12 pm). I know I am "lucky". I believe I lost at least 400-450 rank because of the disturbances.

I Failed.

Gate 18: Score 659 Rank 960.

Is it possible to get into any good research institute in India with this score (and OBC-NC category)?

Is it the end for me and my dreams to build a strong research-oriented career in Computer Science(AI/ML specialization)?



posted Mar 21, 2018 in 2018
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Sometimes you get something and sometimes you miss. Now what you get is because of OBC and this will get you an admit in IITG/R/H at least in last round.  Also for research you will be called for interviews in most places.

If you really want to do research join as a RA at a great professor in your field and work for a year to publish quality papers at conferences and subsequently journals. Apply for a funded MS in the US or Europe, next year. 

Maybe you could hit a direct PhD with a great publication. 

Is it the end for me and my dreams to build a strong research-oriented career in Computer Science(AI/ML specialization)?

Nah, not at all. Just focus on researching and especially reproducing quality papers and open sourcing the code. You'll be alright!

I too didn't sit for placements. I even didn't write GATE.

Just enjoying life, research, sports and fun!  

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