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As per many requests, I am finally updating a post on IIT, Gandhinagar. I am Priyanka Gautam, a student at IITGN, M.TECH, CSE-2017

IIT Gandhinagar is a great college with a beautiful and well-organized campus. All the facilities available here is nice including the faculties, staff, Academics requirements, research opportunities and overall. As far as CSE branch is concerned it started last year, but the faculties and courses structure and all facilities provided here is up to the level. So, there is not much difference.

LAST-YEAR SCORE:- GEN - 600  and SC/ST - 400  OBC( not remember exactly)  but approx. around 500

Placement:- Overall placement is good, electrical avg. pkg is 13 Lakh around so we can hope best for CSE. Even here the most of guys placed good or many get admitted to the foreign university.

( In my opinion, placement does not matter much as long as you are getting good learning environment, so in the field of Computer science there is plenty of jobs as long as you are updated with industry and technology, you anyway get in)


Admission is started you can apply online those who are in confusion, first you must apply after getting the college, you must decide which to take or which do not, as thinking to much waste lot of time and make you tense so be chill and apply if possible.

Admission Procedure:-

Written test followed by a coding test and Interview.

Last year, there was 20 question in written test with 1/4 negative marking on the wrong attempt. 5 question in coding with 2 internal choices you have to attempt 3. The interview is fine just brush up your basics of Gate ( focusing on ALGO, CO, OS, Data structures, TOC,).

All the best!!!!  All

Feel free to ask question !!!....



Interview Experience by Digvijay Pandey.


a. Programming Test
b. Written Test
c. Interview

a. $Programming\ Test:$
Attempt three out of five questions: 
1. Return Array sum
2. Find the number of combination such that sum of row = sum of column (i don't remember question exactly but it was something like this)
3. Some tree related question (write just function)
4. ......

b. $Written\ Test:$
$20$ questions were there. All are objective type. Numerical related to page size, cache lines, regular languages, serial schedule, probability.

Algo question: An array is row-wise as well as column-wise sorted. You have to find an element. How much time will it take? (Options were there)

Did $2$ programs (All test cases cleared) and in the written test I got $20/20$ (They didn't disclose written marks but at the time of interview they asked me to solve written exam question. Because there was an ambiguous question (graph related) and I ticked it correctly and got the mark. Luck :P)

$1^{st}$ shortlisting based on Programming + Written test.

After this you have to fill area:
1. Theoretical Computer Science
2. Systems
3. Intelligent System
I marked $Theoretical\ Computer\ Science.$

c. $Interview:$

Question-related to the written test. Just single question.
A binary tree with $n$ node and height $h$ along with two arbitrary nodes are given. Find the maximum distance between these two nodes. $(2∗h)$
What is BFS?
Any other thing BFS do except traversal? (i.e. application of BFS. I said Finding shortest path if given graph is unweighted)
How? (Explained on board)
An array is given. Find the number of pairs with sum $=k$. Complexity?
If given array is already sorted. Then?
Difference between Merge and insertion sort?


People did $1$ programming question also selected for the interview. So try to score as much as possible in the written test.
Programming platform HackerRank.
Good Luck :)



If your $GATE\ Score > 720$ check these (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)
If your $GATE\ Score > 650$ check  (1)
If your $GATE\ Score > 600\ and\ BTech\%> 80$ check these (1),(2), (3).

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How is faculty in department since iitgn website shows only 8 faculties for cse department?
How were the Placements for Mtech or MS CSE last year?
Do IIT - GN offer MS CSE with ML/AI specialization ? If yes what is last year cut-off?
Can you please tell me the syllabus for the written test?

@Digvijay Pandey For this question "A binary tree with nn node and height hh along with two arbitrary nodes are given. Find the maximum distance between these two nodes", shouldn't the answer be 2*(h-1)?

NO IITGN only offering in CSE but you can opt. courses related to machine learning and computer vision.
What is the average package offered to mtech cse students?
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