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GATE 2018 AIR: 352

NIELIT Scientist-B Rank(17 Dec 2017): 11

NIELIT Scientific Assistant Rank (17 Dec 2017): 59

ISRO Written Rank(22 April 2018) : 35

IIT Kanpur M.Tech. TA Selected (Test Experience)

IIT Delhi M.Tech. Computer Technology Selected (Interview Experience)

BARC OCES/DGFS-2018 Selected (Interview Experience)


Hello Everyone! My name is Vidhi Sethi. I have done my B.Tech. from the University Of Delhi, Kalindi College, 2013-2017 batch.

In final year I prepared for gate but managed to get a rank of 1867. I even cleared the Code Chef, written and interview rounds of IIITD and managed to get an admission there. Through my campus placements, I was placed at Hitachi.

But, somewhere in my heart, I believed that I deserve even better things and somehow could not manage my GATE studies with B.Tech. curriculum. So, I decided that I would prepare full time for GATE. It was a very tough decision for me since my family was not supporting me into this, they wanted that I should join IIITD since getting there is also not a cake walk. But, I was adamant and hence started my preparation in May 2017 end.

I prepared at home and did self-study. First of all, I completed my syllabus, made short notes and did previous year GATE and TIFR questions. Later I joined some test series and also gave tests on GO. I made it a point to frequently revise the things that I have already covered.

How GO helped?

  1. I followed the GO PDF of 2016, whatever questions I could not understand I studied the explanation here at GO. The explanations here are simply awesome and most accurate. Especially answers by Arjun Sir, Praveen sir, Pooja mam, Akash sir, Digvijay sir, Pragy sir, Habib sir, Sachin Mittal sir and Debashish Deka are simply awesome.
  2. The thing that makes GO unique is the freedom it offers to the aspirants to question and discuss the things rather than just mugging up. Seriously, no matter how small or silly your doubt is, you will always find someone here to clear things.(Special thanks to Bikram sir for clearing my doubts)
  3. The tests here are just incredible, I don’t think I have seen such well balanced and conceptual tests anywhere.
  4. ‘The Rank Predictor ’ by Pragy Agarwal is very accurate and saves the aspirants from unnecessary anxiety and waiting, for knowing their GATE results. This year GO have provided this for other branches as well.
  5. Motivation: Some of the posts here on general motivation are simply great. I read them whenever I felt low e.g. ‘Remember the guy who gave up?’ by Sachin sir.

 I am writing the following paras as many people have asked me about it :

NIELIT Non-Technical Preparation :

For Aptitude and Reasoning, I did basic concepts in these like Time and work, blood relations, direction, distances, races, etc and solved the previous year GATE questions.

For General Knowledge, I haven’t prepared much but I have this habit of reading the last page of  Employment news. It has the important news items in view of the competitive exams like these.

IIT Kanpur M.Tech. Test  Preparation :

Written Test : Same as GATE preparation.

Programming Test: Now, here I want to say that I am seriously very bad at coding. Still, I managed to solve the 2 coding questions in IITK test half an hour before, that’s how :

After the GATE exam, Arjun sir created a group on Whatsapp for the people who aim to clear the IITs interviews, especially Research interviews. We were given programming assignments on GO classroom, each with a deadline of a day or two depending upon the difficulty level of the question and we were required to submit the code within the deadline, otherwise, we would be excluded from the group. I think we did 6-7 assignments, each with very unique problems that really make you think. We were allowed to discuss on GO group regarding the assignment. Digvijay sir checked submission of each candidate and provided personalized corrections. The correct code was released after the deadline.

Except this, I did previous year programming problems of  IITK  and one ‘Question Set’ provided by Digvijay sir.

ISRO Preparation: Except GATE I solved previous year questions of ISRO and did some basic concepts in Software Engineering.

BARC Interview Preparation :

I spent most of my time reading the previous interview experiences and reading the topics I was unaware of. I tried very hard to find interview experience of someone who cleared the interview but could not find it. I also talked to people like Digvijay sir and Habib sir who have already faced this interview before.

I feel except the knowledge what you really need to crack such interviews is the ‘Confidence’ and ‘A Smiling Face’.


Whatever little I could achieve belong to people like Arjun sir, Bikram sir, Praveen sir, Digvijay sir, Habib sir, Kapil sir, Anirudh sir, Pooja mam, Sachin Mittal sir, Debashish and anyone else who have contributed to GO in any manner.

I would also like to thank people that I met here on GO during my preparation Nitish Joshi, Hemant Parihar, Sreshtha, Chotu Ji, rahulsharma5, Sadbhavna, Rishab, Ashwin Kulkarni,Churchil and many more. It was wonderful discussing concepts with you all.

I owe GO a lot! I seriously would consider it as my privilege if I could be of any help to GO and the future aspirants.

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Thank you :) @Subarna @Digvijay sir
Congrats vidhi and all the best for your future endeavors:)

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congrats vidhi

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