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*This is my first post, so forgive me if its written badly*

After preparing twice (Gate 17 & 18) and failing twice I was frustrated and disheartened. I left the hope of getting into premium institutions and joined NIT Delhi with no other option. But still that dream was awake in some corner of my heart. I decided to appear for Gate 19. I started stealing time from academics to prepare for gate 19. I had this in mind that I know the concepts well as I have had prepared earlier so I will revise the syllabus and practice gate questions. I joined GO_classroom and started reading discrete maths and doing programming assignments given but I couldn't continue this with other subjects. So then I switched to my notes which I made while preparing for gate 18. It was really tough to find out time for gate as academic pressure was piling up but somehow I completed my revision by December along with practice of previous year questions from GO pdf. Gate Overflow community has helped me all around my preparation and my revisions and practice. In January I did more revision and gave 3-4 full test which are freely available just to check the timings also I went for a Shimla trip with my friends to experience snow fall πŸŒ¨οΈπŸ˜…. After 20th jan my concentration level decreased drastically and my attitude was like even if can't perform well I already have a college. I watched series and played games in my free time instead of studying for gate. Night before exam I talked to friends and family and slept. Next morning it was chilled outside and mine was morning session. I had exactly zero pressure on my mind I had no such big expectations from this paper as I knew I couldn't give proper time for preparation. Those 3hrs went very calmly and I went to meet my friend after the exam. I felt positive about the results but didn't give much of my attention to it. All my expectations and my emotions came to life when I checked my results with pragys app. It didn't took long to get back to the previous state as scoring 60.33 was not enough to assure good IIT. With score 692 and rank 888 I thought the only possible way to get an IIT or IISc. So I started searching for how to prepare for ms interviews at iit k m b h. I did all programming assignments posted in GO_classroom. And as I was interested in Machine learning, I started watching Gilbert Strang's linear algebra lectures and Probabilistic Systems by Jhon Tsitsiklis. Also as my mtech at nit delhi was in Data Analytics it helped me alot. After doing all this I had only one fear that my nit smester exams and interview dates should not clash. And exactly the same happened. Exam dates 30th 31st April and 7th to 9th may. IIT M MS interview 30th and 31st April (wow). After going through a roller coaster of yes or no, I decided to leave the interview. IIT H AI test 7th may. By this time I had decided that I would accept even a Better NIT but I will take this risk and I went to Hyderabad. Then the journey started. After Hyderabad IIT G Data Science test then IIT B RA test but couldn't clear any. Last one was IISc CDS 21st may and CSA 22nd may. For CDS I was out in written test itself. I thought to myself that's it Ravi, CSA test will also be similar and then you're back to some nit. Luckily I cleared the test and got interviewed. I didn't knew the results but I was happy that I got the chance to get interviewed at India's no. one Institute by some of the best professors. 25th may I got shortlisted and 5th june I got final Offer Letter. It was the Happiest moment of my life!

My suggestion to future aspirants would be to not think about results while preparing, just do your bit rest leave on time. We all know that we can't change the past and won't know the future but we tend to forget this. Everyone goes through different circumstances and each have different ways to face them. So find out your own strategy that suits you. Learn from mistakes and don't repeat them.

Cricket Match analogy of Gate preparation:

Think of Gate preparation as a one day match. First 10 overs players are fully charged hitting boundaries. From 10 to 40 overs match goes a bit slower as these are the crucial ones where you don't want to lose wickets. Finally the last 10 overs decides whose side the match will be.

Similarly in gate initial 2 months we are fully charged and motivated. Then the motivation degrades and it continues for next 3-4 months. Here you need to sustain. Don't Quit! If you could pass this phase you will be able to regain your motivation and will be able to finish your preparations as you thought. And chances are you will win!

Finally remember to follow Gate Overflow, it'll help you throughout your preparation.

Thank you Arjun sir for gifting us with Gate Overflow!
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congrats ..
Congrats Bhai :)

all the best for a future ahead.
Congrats πŸ‘ All the best in IISc.
Thank you sir! πŸ’™
May i ask what were the mistakes you made that led to your not cracking GATE in first 2 attempts ?
Wonderful experience bro! Something different from what others go through. A peRFect example of not giving up and fighting till the end. Congrats you deserved it.