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Thanks GO!! - GATE Overflow
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This was my first attempt for gate and I scored gate score 737 and rank 498.. Though it is not that good score.. But without gate overflow I seriously dont think that it could have been possible.. A big thanks to all the gate overflow community members especially Shaik Masthan Sir, Arjun Suresh Sir, Srestha Mam..

I started preparing for gate since 3rd year but at that time I didnt know much about gateoverflow site… I started using it from may 2018 and that was the turning point of my preparation. I think the previous year questions are sufficient for practice and one should do them atleast twice.. I guess there is no need to say as we all know that the best resource for it is The Great GO Previous Year book!!!

Tests do help us to rank ourselves as we can test our concepts and work upon our real areas.. One serious advice that I would like to give to all future aspirants is that have confidence upon yourself and dont doubt your answers.. I somehow panicked in the last 2 minutes of the paper and unmarked 5 questions which were actually correct and ya this is the mistake I will always regret.. So be confident and practice as much as you can..

At this rank I knew that being from general category there is no chance for any old iit.. I got interview call from iitb ra but couldnt convert it .. But my studies and hardwork didnt go waste as I got admission in IIITH.. A very big thanks to Gate Overflow for it .. Thanks and all the very best to all f
posted Jun 19, 2019 in 2019
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congratulations :)
Congratulations 😊 πŸ‘
thanku :)
Congratulations and all the best for your future :)
Thanks :)
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