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Testimonial by Ashish Gupta - GATE Overflow
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Although my rank is not so fancy but still GATEOverflow helped me a lot in getting good marks in GATE.It is best source  for cracking GATE with good marks. This is a place where you get a lot of questions in addition to previous year questions posted by students from all over the country. You can see the answers are well elaborated,nicely explained and by this way you will also come to know what is the quality of students sitting with you on the exam day.Experts like Arjun Suresh, Praveen Saini and others are always present to solve any doubts an aspirant can get. GATEOverflow book of previous year questions,along with answers is the best study material anyone will need. GATEOverflow answer key this time was 99%+ correct. Overall I can say that if you are preparing for Gate computer Science , using GATEOverflow is a MUST.
        Gatecse is best source of study material. I found best collection of books, links to various toppers blog and last years analysis.Gatecse is resource which any serious aspirant should know about.One should avoid studying local books as they are not even subset of standard books. One must always study from standard books. Moreover, I would suggest to prepare Mathematics well even though GATE CS has other stuffs, as Mathematics is the subject which if you study well then you have an edge over others who study other subjects and give lesser importance to Maths and it also carries a major portion of marks.Maths is the subject which you not only need for GATE but you will need it for the whole life in whatever you do.
    I want to thank founder of this website Arjun Suresh, for helping me and all the aspirants of GATE who look for coaching materials or other materials available in market as this is the only site which you one must follow whole heartedly  for succeeding in GATE. Keep doing good work and wishing all future aspirants good luck :)

Ashish Gupta

posted Apr 8, 2016 in 2016
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HOW mathematics help me in future ,
Take any field related to CS/ or any field in studies each field has Mathematics associated with it and currently the intelligent systems which are used have huge amount of probability and many formulas used in it. If you are not good in Maths then basic things like you might end up somehow solving them but the optimizations, speedup using various variants will serve a great deal to save huge amount of time required for the computations.

which part of mathematics i have to command more ........ 


With respect to GATE, you need to prepare Logic,Probability,Counting,Graph Theory,Function,Relation....,etc

Nearly all topics mentioned in syllabus are important with respect to GATE. Moreover, if you have good command over Maths and as it is a core subject mostly asked in interviews/exams everywhere, then you are through.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to go through other topics as this might mess up things.
But Vectors and other topics are really exciting and can make your task while programming very easy.

Thank you , you are so helpful for me.
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