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How is it?
posted Feb 8 in 2019
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@Anshul999 yes correct



That IEEE single floating point sum for which ans was C0... was it 1 mark or 2 marks?

@Debapaul - I think it was 2, given the amount of working it needed.

Also, stop stressing out man. Speculating is going to kill you. Response sheet will be out in a couple of days anyway.


Yeah, really stressed out.. :(

Seems like everyone is free just like me, that's why checking multiple times here. 🤣 Any suggession how to time pass for 2-3 days 😆
@Debapaul yes it was of 2 marks.
I am in dilemma whether paper was like gate 2018 or gate 2019.... What's you guys think about it...

Plz reply
Easier than 2019... The one with patience and calm mind can definitely do well...
Might be probability question answer is 0 may be I am wrong as there is no way we make summation of dot product of binary vector to odd may be I am wrong please correct me
the one with problem of reflexive, in which ans came as 0.125, was it of 1 marks only?
Yes, 2^6/2^9 = 0.125
Anyone knows the answer of best fit, worst fit question?


It was of 1 mark? :(

yes @Debapaul it was of 1 mark.


;( :( :( :( :(
So @Debapaul - lots of counting ! how many marks confirmed in the kitty so far ?
He wants every correct question to be of 2 marks :P
Folks hold your wild horses for 2-3 days as possibly by 13/14 feb response sheet will be released. That's what i am telling myself for last 2 days. hahaha :)


Bhagwan jo dega wohi sahi.. :)

Which is 2 marks and which is 1 mark not sure yet, all counting gone to waste, i have stopped now.. in waiting mode.. 
This time very less chance, thats for sure.. :)

Guys response sheet is out.... All the best.
response sheet is released.
it should be out of syllabus, right?
Why do you feel so ? 'Coloring' is clearly listed in the syllabus :)

Discrete Mathematics: Propositional and first order logic. Sets, relations, functions, partial orders and
lattices. Groups. Graphs: connectivity, matching, coloring. Combinatorics: counting, recurrence
relations, generating functions.
but that is vertex colouring , right?
@shashin bro how much marks you are getting? 70+? :P
Why is that a surprise? There exists a topper with 89+.
But @srestha - what makes you say that? I copied that syllabus directly from IIT-D's website. We can see there is no exclusive mention of 'vertex-coloring'..

"Never asked before" is not the same as "not in the syllabus" right ?
I can see one 90+ also 😀
Lol @Sambhrant Maurya there also exists a topper in the 89-90 band !
Edited :P Isn't that even higher than last year topper's marks?
Indubitably. We live in exciting times.

The question on  TCP slow start asked in GATE 2020

Why can not the answer be 42 ??

Please someone elaborate.  

@shashin A it you? XD

@Sambhrant Maurya nowhere close my good man :(
@srestha yes, seemed OOS, there can be so many nice questions on vertex coloring and the professor decides to go with edge coloring. Guess the intent was to make to the paper different than previous years and hence weird choice of topic.
It really sucks how many additional questions I could've had attempted, but failed to manage the time properly :/

@JashanArora How many marks are you getting?

54 :(

How about you?

How did you know
I am able to see one guy in 95-100 range .I think he would be getting highest marks of all time .
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