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Quick Read : Follow the resources given in Those are the best that you can find online. Solve GO pdf thoroughly unless you've mastered the concepts involved in the PYQs. Read comments and different approaches for answers. Take test series if you've time but don't take the marks seriously :P

A big thanks to GO community. Here you will find everything you need to strengthen your concepts. Best thing about GO is that you can argue about answers, have healthy discussions and get to the root of why the solution is the way it is. Aspirants of GATE CS are fortunate to have this platform.

I fell sick in last week leading to the exam. All my confidence was lost and was unable to perform that well in test series. So I decided to once again go through the GO pdf and discussions and not give any tests. In this period I did all 3 books and complete revision of my notes. Even on the day of exam, I was not feeling well. A bigger achievement for me was begin able to conquer the fear of failing. I never felt nervous before or during exam. I was calm and high on confidence. Most of my friends who prepared well for the exam lost the battle to panic and anxiety. One more thing you need to care about is silly mistakes. Everybody makes silly mistakes but it’s about who makes less of them.

There is no such thing as born-genius. Just work hard. You can’t control the luck factor so focus on things you can control. You don't learn anything from exams. You learn while preparing for them. Don't forget to live a life.

GATE is an easy exam and not as competitive as JEE. So if you have failed at JEE, don't think you won't make it in GATE. Life never stops throwing opportunities at you, it's upto you to make the most of them.


Rituraj Joshi
AIR 29

posted Mar 16, 2020 in 2020
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How many marks and what score did you get?
Marks : 76
Score : 904
Oh, my friend also got same rank. Both of u got same marks.
Congratulations Rituraj 👍 Now the fun journey starts 😊
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@Arjun sir. Thanks a lot. It wouldn't have been easy and fun if there were no GateOverflow.

Congrats @rituraj2847 🙂

Could you please tell about the books ?

In this period I did all 3 books 

He is talking about GO pdf (set of three).
It contains previous year questions only?
Yes. But Previous year questions from different exams like Gate, Isro, etc.
Not ISRO. It contains only GATE+TIFR including descriptive questions from 1987 excluding strictly out of syllabus ones. CMI/ISI is a separate PDF. ISRO/NET is a bit different set of questions due to question difficulty as well as syllabus difference. ISRO/NET PDF is not yet made by GO -- expected in sometime.
Is Np,Npc,Nph in syllabus of GATE?

As given in PYQ's book
Congratulations Rituraj bro