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Hello Everyone,

I’m Aditya Pradhan, a final year student of Information Technology at a state government college in Udaipur. I have secured $AIR\ 312$ in $GATE\ 2020$. I expected much better rank before the exam, but was not able to attempt more questions (attempted only $52$) and was depressed because of this. But hopefully I got only $4$ or $5$ of them wrong and landed at this rank. Now, I am preparing for IIT Kanpur M.S., IIT-B M.Tech. RA and IISc CDS Coursework and CSA Research interviews and hoping that my semester exam dates don’t clash with any of them.

Regarding my preparation journey, I used to study my semester subjects through standard books and resources given on $$ and started proper GATE preparation from the month of July after I got placed on-campus. I had gone through all the standard books once again and used to solve GO PDF after completion of a subject. In the month of January, I revised all the subjects once again and gave 7-8 full length mock tests.

I want to thank Arjun Sir for creating this platform and now people can crack GATE CS purely by self-studying and not relying on any coaching institute. Government of India should be grateful to GateOverflow for increasing the quality of students going for masters at IITs and IISc.

For future aspirants, my message is that utilize your $4$ years of engineering well. Even if your classmates have ‘copy-paste’ attitude, you should always try to learn using standard resources and do lab assignments on your own, trust me, this will build your base in Computer Science and will help you in the long run.

Thank you :)
Edit : I’m selected in IIT Bombay M.Tech. (RA) and will be joining it, for interview experience please visit:

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Hi    Even I got same rank, Can we get IIT Roorkee direct admission ? , IIT Guwahati I think we will get direct admission.

Congratulations!! I am also in same position. IITB RA and IISc Research have same interview dates.
IIT Bombay RA interview dates are announced?
No he means final exams may clash with IIT B RA.

sags.sharma I think we will get direct admit in IITG, and it's better than Roorkee. But I don't want to go there so I am trying for Kanpur, Bombay and Bangalore.

priyesh9875 you have very high chances of getting direct admit or are you more inclined towards research? and No IIT-B RA dates won't clash with IISc M.Tech. Research dates (as IIT-B R.A. will be around 17th May), but IIT-B M.S. by Research dates might clash with IISc M.Tech. Research. 

@pradhanaditya may be I'll get direct admission in IITB (AIR 86), but I'll prefer Research.

priyesh9875 Yeah you will most likely get it. Regarding research interviews it's all about our luck now, hope for the best.

Congratulations Aditya 😊 Your choices are the best ones but as a back up you should be getting IITG/R/H direct admits though by later rounds only.
@Arjun Sir, Since IIT B 36 Mtech seats have been converted to MS, is it likely that IIT G/H/R cutoff will increase ? How likely is to get them at air 312?

Thank you @Arjun Sir 😊

for RA course what is selection criteria? do they consider both gate score and interview result or only interview result??

@jlimbasiya GATE score is only used for shortlisting, after that it completely depends upon the programming test and interview result. (I'm assuming you are talking about IIT-B RA, for others you can see previous experiences or the institute website for criteria).


i was talking about all the course where selection is based interview like iit K ms ,iit B RA,iisc R, iit M ms,iit H RA.

i think criteria may be varies institute wise. 

Congrats Sir!!     

 Did you also solve standard books exercise questions during your preparation???