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Probability that buckets other than $1$ are selected $= \dfrac{n-1}{n}$ This should happen $k$ times and each of the $k$ events are independent so $\dfrac{(n-1)^k}{n^k}$ When $k=1,$ probability of no collision $= \dfrac{n}{n}$ (for only one insert, there can ... $k>n+1$ probability of first collision $= 0$ (as it should have definitely happened in one of the previous $(n+1)$ insertions.
posted Nov 23, 2018 in Operating System Manoja Rajalakshmi A 526 views
$\text{Size of each segment} = \frac{2^{16}}{8}=2^{13}$ Let the size of page be $2^k$ bytes We need a page table entry for each page. For a segment of size $2^{13}$, number of pages required will be $2^{13-k}$ and so we need $2^{13-k}$ page table entries. Now ... $\text{Size of each page table entry} = 2$ bytes $=16$ bits $\text{Number of bits left for aging} = 16-12 = 4$ bits
posted Sep 17, 2018 in Programming & Data Structures Manoja Rajalakshmi A 1,385 views
Ans: because we have given wavy edges form MST So, for verification of option A we have to check that with MST how many cost to reach at a->b then we will get a->e->d->b = -2+5+3 = 6 so in given option a with cost(a,b)>= 6 this is posible coz , cost ... making MST so cost must be >6 not equal to 6 so option A is Need Not HOLD. Like wise if you check for other option then enequality is holding...
posted Aug 8, 2018 in From GO Admins Arjun 12,889 views
In the diagram shown below, $L1$ is an Ethernet LAN and $L2$ is a Token-Ring LAN. An $IP$ packet originates from sender $S$ and traverses to $R$, as shown. The links within each $\text{ISP}$ and across the two $\text{ISP}$s, are all point-to-point optical links ... of the $\text{TTL}$ field is $32$. The maximum possible value of the $\text{TTL}$ field when $R$ receives the datagram is _______.
posted May 29, 2017 in From GO Admins Arjun 906 views
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