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Assume that the SLR parser for a grammar G has $n_1$ states and the LALR parser for G has $n_2$ states. The relationship between $n_1$ and $n_2$ is $n_1$ is necessarily less than $n_2$ $n_1$ is necessarily equal to $n_2$ $n_1$ is necessarily greater than $n_2$ None of the above
posted Feb 8, 2017 in Study Materials smartmeet 3,241 views
A non-planar graph with minimum number of vertices has $9$ edges, $6$ vertices $6$ edges, $4$ vertices $10$ edges, $5$ vertices $9$ edges, $5$ vertices
posted Dec 28, 2016 in Programming & Data Structures Arjun 3,026 views
A $2-3$ tree is such that All internal nodes have either $2$ or $3$ children All paths from root to the leaves have the same length The number of internal nodes of a $2-3$ tree having $9$ leaves could be $4$ $5$ $6$ $7$
posted Dec 28, 2016 in Digital Logic Arjun 4,445 views
Which of the following problems is not $\text{NP}$-hard? Hamiltonian circuit problem The $0/1$ Knapsack problem Finding bi-connected components of a graph The graph coloring problem
posted Dec 28, 2016 in Compiler Design Arjun 3,544 views
Start and stop bits do not contain any 'information' but are used in serial communication Error detection Error correction Synchronization Slowing down the communications
posted Dec 28, 2016 in Databases Arjun 3,350 views
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