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The question asks about "Time Complexity". In any cases O(n3) would be the TC. Had it been asked about "execution time in terms of memory access time" then option a. would be appropriate. Please clarify my doubt.
posted Jan 28, 2019 in CO & Architecture Arjun 1,000 views
@vikranth It should be A only. Option A means 'atleast' every t seconds. Whilst option b implies within t seconds.
posted Jan 27, 2019 in CO & Architecture Arjun
edited Jan 28, 2019 by Arjun
Yes. C++ and Java are not in GATE syllabus for CSE. GATE is for checking basics only and hence only C is included. Even for C, GATE checks the basics of programming concepts and not any syntax based outputs as often asked for placements. You can see the syllabus ... w/images/1/13/2015_syllabus.pdf (for 85 marks) (General Aptitude for 15 marks)
posted May 2, 2016 in CO & Architecture Payel 525 views

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Difficult Ones   Question regarding Minimum Average Latency from Dynamic Pipeline portion asked once in 2015.


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posted Aug 4, 2015 in CO & Architecture Arjun
edited Feb 2 by Arjun
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