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Consider set of strings of length n. There will be strings ending in 0's as well as 1's. For, every string ending in 0, we append 1 and we get a string of length n+1, without 00. For every string ending in 1, we can append either 0 or 1 and thus we get two possible strings of length n+1 without a 00.
posted Mar 25, 2019 in Project Work sreeja1988 822 views
posted Dec 1, 2018 in Project Work rohit vishkarma 1,630 views
Yes. Option C is wrong because it says that all teachers are liked by the SAME student.
posted Nov 1, 2018 in Project Work Bhupendra
edited Nov 1, 2018 by Bhupendra
Because computers use byte addressing meaning the smallest unit in which memory can be accessed is a byte. That is why in order to change some bits we need to perform bit wise operations. Word addressing (where a multiple of bytes are addressed) is also there. But by default we can always assume byte addressing.
posted Aug 19, 2018 in Project Work Bhupendra 681 views
Sir, can we do like this Let there be 4 process P,Q,R,S and 5 resources. Let they be allocated one resource each initially.Now after allocation need of P is 1 , need of Q is 1, need of R is 2 and need of S is 2. Now only 1 resource is available as 1 has been ... to R.....and hence R could complete.....Now available becomes 4. We can now allocate 2 resources to S and hence S can complete......
posted Jul 2, 2018 in Project Work Arjun
closed Oct 28, 2018 by Arjun
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