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A context free grammar G is said to be ambiguous ,if there exists some w belongs to L(G) that has at least 2 distinct derivation trees. If every grammar that generate L is ambiguous then language is called inherently ambiguous for inherently grammar is L= {a^nb^nc^m}∪{a^nb^mc^m}
posted Mar 21 in Motivation rupeshbiber_12 247 views
so , answer should be (a) , (b) and (c) are TRUE .
posted Feb 15, 2020 in Motivation AskHerOut
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$T(n) = 2T\left(n^{\frac{1}{2}}\right)+1$ $ = 2\left(2T\left(n^{\frac{1}{2^2}}\right) + 1\right) + 1 $ $ = 4\times T\left(n^{\frac{1}{2^2}}\right) + 5 $ $ = 8\times T\left(n^{\frac{1}{2^3}}\right) + 13 \\ \cdots$ ... $T(n) = \Theta(\log n)$
posted Feb 15, 2019 in Motivation Arko Jyoti Shith 800 views
Its a monoid. Closure, associativity, Identity are defined for Real numbers.But inverse is not defined as R can be zero also. So (R,*) is neither Group nor Abelian(commutative), but Monoid.
posted Feb 12, 2019 in Motivation raahul 999 views
It is given that head has appeared so we have only two options either the coin is HH one or HT one, so chances of coming tail would be 1/4, I am just guessing.
posted Feb 2, 2019 in Motivation eyeamgj 2,015 views

Hello all, I wish you all the very best for GATE 2019. Tomorrow will be your day. Don’t change your strategy of solving the paper just by listening to anyone today, keep it yours :) All the top ranks are waiting for you all ;) Enjoy the paper as well, it will be surely a great experience!!! 


posted Feb 2, 2019 in Motivation Ashwin Kulkarni 371 views
Let us define a new function $g:$ $g(y) = f(y) -f(y+1)$ Since, function $f$ is continuous in $[0,2],$ $g$ would be continuous in $[0,1]$. $g(0) = -2, g(1) = 2$ Since, $g$ is continuous and goes from negative to positive value in $[0,1],$ at some point $g$ would be $0$ in $(0,1).$ $g=0 \implies f(y) = f(y+1)$ for some $y \in (0,1).$ Therefore, correct answer would be $(A).$
posted Feb 2, 2019 in Motivation Arjun 769 views
For  Next two days i am not in the  mood of working on any electronic device … lately i am spending more time on youtube  after every one or two hour study ,there is 1 hour youtube  :)  so i think its good time to leave gadgets ….so best of luck from my side  to everyone , hopefully everyone who worked hard will get their results ….

posted Jan 31, 2019 in Motivation Deepanshu 1,588 views

Hello All… I hope everyone is doing great with the GATE ‘19 preparations :)

Some of you might already know me. Well I got some calls and messages in my inbox for some motivation, I thought I should post something for you all. 

Well It’s more or less 20 days remaining for GATE 2019. Hot time in this cool season huh!!! Some of you are getting great scores in all the mocks, some of you are struggling with it and maybe some of you still not started giving mocks yet. Don’t worry still you have 20*24 = 480 hrs in your hand, out of which each day 7-7.30 hrs of sleep is must so, 480...

posted Jan 12, 2019 in Motivation Ashwin Kulkarni 1,223 views
But sir why would (*a)++ give error? Wouldn't it simply increment the value pointed by a?
posted Jan 9, 2019 in Motivation Psnjit 1,043 views
Acc. to me it should be (C) because: according to condition, out of all, one philosopher will get both the forks. So, deadlock should not be there.
posted Apr 20, 2018 in Motivation Dilip Puri 7 1,160 views
Number of equivalence relations possible on a set is actually not Catalan number- it is Bell number. I'll have to do some thinking to do this explanation as it is not a single formula but a recurrence relation. Shall update when done.
posted Feb 20, 2018 in Motivation lucifer_50 1,762 views
how can I represent " P does not imply Q"?
posted Feb 2, 2018 in Motivation Warlock lord 1,058 views
A. that Who and whom are people, not dogs. Regarding that and which... Restrictive Clause-That A restrictive clause is just part of a sentence that you can't get rid of because it specifically restricts some other part of the sentence. Here's an ... You can think of a nonrestrictive clause as simply additional information. Here's an example: Diamonds, which are expensive, often elicit forgiveness.
posted Nov 14, 2017 in Motivation Devshree Dubey 1,640 views
Consider the finite automaton in the following figure: What is the set of reachable states for the input string $0011$? $\{q_0,q_1,q_2\}$ $\{q_0,q_1\}$ $\{q_0,q_1,q_2,q_3\}$ $\{q_3\}$
posted May 1, 2017 in Motivation bane 1,881 views
i think with select operator we can calculate sum and sum is not a relation operator Where can i find the keys of all gate paper ?
posted Apr 26, 2017 in Motivation Jeffrey Jose 1,390 views
No adversity justifies giving up hope.. it is the most closest one
posted Apr 12, 2017 in Motivation KISHALAY DAS 2,625 views