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Digital Logic

Book: Digital Design by Morris Mano [5th ed] Chapter 1 to 6 along with some questions from exercises

PAL and PLA : Neso Academy

Floating point representation: Article by Steve Hollasch



posted Apr 10 in 2021 sakharam
edited Apr 27 by sakharam
(∀x∀yP(x,y))→(∀x∀yP(y,x)) Here the LHS will be true only if P(x,y) is true for every possible x and y. Since both x and y are coming from the same universe, if this is true, then their order doesn't matter for P(x, y).
posted Mar 31 in 2021 PrimeJJG 770 views
2 Tuples for verification purposes : SQL_Fiddle
posted Mar 28 in 2021 Mayank Sati 1,338 views
plz correct me if wrong!! P(x) : perfect F(x) :friends (a)∽∃x(P(x)) (b)∽∀x(P(x)) (c)∀x(F(x)------>P(x)) (d) i am thinking in this way ALL FRIENDS ARE PERFECT - NO FRIEND IS PERFECT how to write above sentence...?? in logic
posted Mar 20 in 2021 aforgate 946 views
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