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I am a Final Year Electronics and Telecommunication student with a decent AIR of 242 in my first attempt with 5 months and 15 days of dedicated studying.


Let me start from the top - 

I was planning to apply for masters in the US and infact gave my GRE and TOEFL as well. I wanted to do my masters in Computer Science but being an electronics student the only way I could apply was via ECE branch and take additional credit courses, but any ways coming to the point during my internship while browsing through top colleges for masters in India I stumbled upon Ravi Shankar's blog ( AIR-1 2015) and his journey from changing his branch from Mechanical to Computer Science, that is where I got to know IIT's allow students to apply to any field.

So I started my preparation for computer science from scratch from August. I read through all preparation strategies from toppers I tried to build my own plan from that.This where Gateoverflow helped me THE MOST !! . I read through every possible answer of Arjun Sir on Quora and Gateoverflow ( I literally stalked him :P ) and after I came back from my internship in August , I studied (10 Gate Subjects + 5 Semester Subjects) in 6 months time.

The one thing I really grasped from Arjun Sir's blogs was to be Conceptually Clear in everything you solve, the every why and how matters.So my aim in this little time was not to solve as much as possible but rather understand the why in every question I solve. Bikram Sir also helped me alot in the last crucial months of my preparation. 

So, From stumbling across Ravi Shankar's blog , Stalking Arjun Sir, Maintaining 93% attendance in college , getting my heart broken (story for another time :P ) and passing my semester exams in these 6 months. I couldn't have even qualified if Gateoverflow wouldn't have been there. So a BIG THANK YOU To All OF YOU !!

I could have scored more ( lost 6.67 marks to silly mistakes) but then again every other person reading this blog feels the same way. So that's just makes it Fair :)

If I could score a decent rank against all odds. So can you. DO NOT GIVE UP till the time you come out of the Examination Hall.

AIR - 242 


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posted Mar 31, 2017 in 2017
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Thank you Harsh , yes you really want to know that why part in every question .
Haha Thank you Bikram Sir :)
Bro this is Inspirational !

Thank you for writing this , truly speaking your post is inspiring to me more than someone who has a background in CS - this not to undermine their effort , but because of the sheer courage you have shown ! All the best !
Thank You ,

I am happy , I could Inspire You :)
Congratulations on your success! in GATE CS 2017.

Nice journey of GATE....ALL the BEST.
Thank You :)

Good Luck to you too !!
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