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It is used for this question only actually whenever m=n the complete bipartite graph is regular. here they want to just test the concept whether we know this or not and how patiently we go through all options.
posted Jun 29, 2018 in 2018 VS
edited Jan 3, 2020 by VS
this is the loop level level paralellism question but when we apply the loop level parallelism then we get 25 cycles so dis is not in option so we have to do it without loop level parallelism and the frst time loop output the result at 15 cc so total 30 cc for 2 iterations
posted Mar 25, 2018 in 2018 the fallen bat 3,184 views
8M words = 1M blocks since block size is 8 words. Now, 1M = 2^20. So, to address 2^20 blocks we need 20 bits.
posted Mar 22, 2018 in 2018 Prashant Kumar 4 1,144 views
Option a you can get it from any standard book
posted Mar 22, 2018 in 2018 Nirjhar Roy 980 views
explanation part is always tedious, t1 the cost is 3 as updates are not reached to F, but they have updated the cost at E and D, which is 3(to A) via D and E respectively. At t2 this updated cost will reach to F and it will update its metrix with cost of 4(to A) via D.
posted Mar 22, 2018 in 2018 g.sreedurga 1,489 views
Identity element for concatenation is empty string $\epsilon$. Now, we cannot concatenate any string with a given string to get empty string $\implies$ there is no inverse for string concatenation. Only other 3 group properties -- closure, associative and existence of identity -- are satisfied. Hence, ans should be (a).
posted Mar 21, 2018 in 2018 Hemant Parihar
edited Mar 21, 2018 by Hemant Parihar

I went all out.

Year: 2017(Final year, Engg.) I didn't opt for placements as I wanted to do masters. I applied for MS in the US, got rejects from every university(top 30 - 50). I took the decision to drop an year and not to apply for MS in US as it doesn't make sense to spend lakhs of rupees for universities below 50 rank.

I went all out.

I prepared for gate 18 like hell. Sacrificed everything, movies, friends, even family. I messed up during the exam or maybe the surroundings messed me up. There was construction going on near the test center(just for three hours 9 am to 12 pm). I know I am...

posted Mar 21, 2018 in 2018 aoao 1,729 views
L1 = { a^i b^j c^m | m ≥ min(i,j) } L2 = { a^i b^j c^m | m ≥ max(i,j) } Which language is CFL ? ANS : L1 is CFL but L2 is NOT. My understanding : For Language L1 : ( Here I am interested in checking Whether language is DCFL or not , also. ) ... if it is wrong. If above NPDA is right , then we can construct NPDA for L2 also. But Answer part saying L2 is not CFL. So above NPDA is right or wrong ??
posted Mar 20, 2018 in 2018 ANKUSH KUMAR
edited Mar 22, 2018 by ANKUSH KUMAR
Given that a language $L_A = L_1 \cup L_2$, where $L_1$ and $L_2$ are two other languages. If $L_A$ is known to be a regular language, then which of the following statements is necessarily TRUE? If $L_1$ is regular then $L_2$ will also be regular If $L_1$ is regular and finite then $L_2$ will be regular If $L_1$ is regular and finite then $L_2$ will also be regular and finite None of these
posted Mar 20, 2018 in 2018 Ahwan
edited Mar 21, 2018 by Ahwan
I owe my success to GO. This is the best place for previous year question and explanation. Never thought I will get into top 100 . I can surely tell one thing, doing all the previous year questions honestly , will land you in top 100 ( I am definitely not suggesting to mug them). Unfortunately I have never contributed as such to GO,only countless upvotes (if that counts) to the beautiful answers by experts like Arjun Sir , Bikram Sir , Habib Sir , Praveen Sir (TOC answers) , Sachin Sir ,Praggy Sir (always seen him answering the most difficult math questions) and many more . I know only these words will do no justice , but thanks again.
posted Mar 19, 2018 in 2018 Pritam Dutta 1,923 views
Let $G$ be a weighted undirected graph and e be an edge with maximum weight in $G$. Suppose there is a minimum weight spanning tree in $G$ containing the edge $e$. Which of the following statements is always TRUE? There exists a cutset in $G$ having all edges of maximum ... in $G$ having all edges of maximum weight. Edge $e$ cannot be contained in a cycle. All edges in $G$ have the same weight.
posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 Rishabh Gupta 2 38,246 views
Traceroute reports a possible route that is taken by packets moving from some host $A$ to some other host $B$. Which of the following options represents the technique used by traceroute to identify these hosts: By progressively querying routers about the next router on the path to ... $B,$ in the ascending order of their hop distance from $A$ By locally computing the shortest path from $A$ to $B$
posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 AskHerOut 1,351 views
The Function Point (FP) calculated for a software project are often used to obtain an estimate of Lines of Code (LOC) required for that project. Which of the following statements is FALSE in this context. The relationship between FP and LOC depends on the programming ... C++ provides approximately 1.6 times the functionality of a single LOC of FORTRAN FP and LOC are not related to each other
posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 abhijeet pandey
edited Mar 26, 2018 by abhijeet pandey
In a depth-first traversal of a graph $G$ with $n$ vertices, $k$ edges are marked as tree edges. The number of connected components in $G$ is $k$ $k+1$ $n-k-1$ $n-k$
posted Mar 18, 2018 in 2018 Ashwin Kulkarni
edited Mar 18, 2018 by anonymous

I secured AIR 157 in Gate-2018.

Thanks to the entire GO community.

About myself: I did my from BIT Sindri ( Jharkhand state govt. college), passed out in 2017, IInd attempt ( got AIR 1457 in 2017), Self preparation ( Only took online tests ).

GATE-2018 JOURNEY: After getting the Gate-2017 result, I was unsure about whether I should join any college ( IIITB,D, NITs/ New IITs ) or I should repeat fulltime. I decided to give one more try and started my preparation in the month of July ( A bit late because I was busy enjoying the last few days of...

posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 Abhishek Kumar Singh
edited Mar 20, 2018 by Abhishek Kumar Singh
A $20$ $\text{Kbps}$ satellite link has a propagation delay of $400$ $\text{ms}$. The transmitter employs the "go back $n$ $ARQ$" scheme with $n$ set to $10$. Assuming that each frame is $100$ $\text{byte}$ long, what is the maximum data rate possible? $5$ $\text{Kbps}$ $10$ $\text{Kbps}$​​​​​​​ $15$ $\text{Kbps}$​​​​​​​ $20$ $\text{Kbps}$​​​​​​​
posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 Vishal Goel
edited Mar 17, 2018 by Vishal Goel
Consider the undirected graph below: Using Prim's algorithm to construct a minimum spanning tree starting with node A, which one of the following sequences of edges represents a possible order in which the edges would be added to construct the minimum spanning tree? ... $\text{(A, D), (A, B), (D, F), (F, C), (F, G), (G, E)}$
posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 joshi_nitish
edited Mar 18, 2018 by anonymous

A journey from AIR 3511 to AIR 94

I  completed my B.Tech. from The NorthCap University Gurgaon in 2017. I have given gate twice once during final year(rank 3511) and now in 2018 with full-time repeat by self-preparation. I really want to express my gratitude to WAHEGURU, MY FAMILY and GO OVERFLOW Community.

How Gateoverflow helped me:-

Best possible solution to each and every previous year questions. It has not only helped me in building my concept but also the answers written by people like Arjun Sir, Sachin Mittal, Debashish Deka motivated me to have to the good grasp over the concept and in-depth knowledge regarding the topic...
posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 akb1115 4,045 views
A serial transmission $T1$ uses $8$ information bits, $2$ start bits, $1$ stop bit and $1$ parity bit for each character. A synchronous transmission $T2$ uses $3$ eight-bit sync characters followed by $30$ ... /sec $80$ characters/sec, $136$ characters/sec $100$ characters/sec, $136$ characters/sec $80$ characters/sec, $153$ characters/sec
posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 aehkn 2,019 views
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