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I secured AIR 157 in Gate-2018.

Thanks to the entire GO community.

About myself: I did my from BIT Sindri ( Jharkhand state govt. college), passed out in 2017, IInd attempt ( got AIR 1457 in 2017), Self preparation ( Only took online tests ).

GATE-2018 JOURNEY: After getting the Gate-2017 result, I was unsure about whether I should join any college ( IIITB,D, NITs/ New IITs ) or I should repeat fulltime. I decided to give one more try and started my preparation in the month of July ( A bit late because I was busy enjoying the last few days of college life).

But, Before starting my actual preparation I took some time to analyze myself, to know where I lagged in previous attempt. I made a lists of all the subject, topic etc. in which I was weak and had scored less marks. ( I had left Digital logic, SQL, Turing machine and decidability topic in TOC, COA etc.), also made another list of the topics in which I was good. 

Firstly, I completed all the topics in which I was fundamentally weak ( Watched NPTEL / MIT Ocw lect. videos, Read from standard Text books - As mentioned by Bikram sir ). I had made notes of almost all topics during my first attempt and these helped me a lot in completing the syllabus very fast because I didn't have to worry about making notes once again. I read the topics ( in which I was good ) from the notes,as I had given ample times to these topics during first attempt, I was able to recall almost all the concepts, Watched lectures/ read textbooks of only those subtopics which are either very important or confusing.

The big discovery was finding the GO website and GO pdf. It changed the whole game. As I was preparing by self there are some prev. year gate questions / sub topics which are tricky/confusing and I was having hard times tackling those ( since I have no mentor to guide, also no good book available in market which contains satisfactory answer/explanation to prev. year gate question ). I stumbled upon some post on FB where people have mentioned about GO pdf. This was the second best thing happened to me apart from getting a decent rank. I found awesome explanation of prev. year gate question which removed my doubts in almost all the topics. Awesome answers by awesome people in GO website motivated me and I started thinking logically after seeing a question. A big boost to my confidence about a certain topic.

I couldn't thank enough to the entire GO community, especially Arjun  sir, Bikram sir and all the awesome seniors.

Note: One should use GO pdfs as a guide/mentor and shouldn't use this in memorizing an answer but understanding concepts. Same can be applied to Online test.( you should give tests to examine your concept and preparation level and shouldn't learn any new concepts from these tests before verifying those concepts ) Good luck to all future GATE aspirants.

Wish me Luck in my future endeavors.

Edit : Ignore grammatical mistakes, if any.

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@Abhishek Kumar Singh


Congratulation Abhishek Kumar Singh  Now Yor Dreams Come True 

Congratulations  Abhishek.. wish you a wonderful journey ahead 

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