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Firstly i would like to thank gateoverflow community for my success. Without gateoverlfow air 45 would have been only a distant dream for me. The detailed solutions to all the question on gateoverflow is unmatched. I would also like to thank all the members of gateoverlow community for guiding me directly or indirectly through their comments and blogs.

I would also like to thank my seniors abhijeet pandey sir and sarthak chauhan sir for their valuable guidance during my preparation. They were the people who inspired me to get better rank. Last but not least i am also thankfull to my friend sarthak sharma for his valuable input during discussions and motivating me through my preparation.

Tips for gate2020 inspirants.

Gate is not a 100 m race it’s like a marathon.

one should plan his/her preparation in well advance.

set some benchmarks for yourself and try to achieve them.

Don’t take test series too lightly they are vital part of your revision. Don’t get disheartened if you get low marks/ranks in test series. but always look for improvement.

Do previeus years question atleast twice or thrice.
posted Mar 18, 2019 in 2019
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congrats @sandygate 

i started my preparation in sept 2017 and was able to finish the whole course in aug 2018 except disc maths. this was my first attempt.

keeping the motivation high was biggest hurdle. there were times when i would get very low marks. sometimes i would question my preparation. also some subjects are very big they takes more than 1 month(like computer networks).  keeping calm and preparing with full motivation can be a challenge.

"Gate is not a 100 m race it’s like a marathon."

 well said, congrats sandy

Congratulations on your achievement.

Can you please tell me the way you prepared for Computer Organization and Architecture?

Which books and video lectures you referred ?

Thank you.
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