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option A Let P(x)=All are multiple of 4 Q(X)= All are even numbers if a ∈ P(X) then a must ∈ Q(X)
posted Oct 29, 2018 in Computer Networks Manoja Rajalakshmi A 708 views
Consider the virtual page reference string $\text{1, 2, 3, 2, 4, 1, 3, 2, 4, 1}$ on a demand paged virtual memory system running on a computer system that has main memory size of $3$ page frames which are initially empty. Let $\text{LRU}$, $\text{FIFO}$ and $\text{OPTIMAL}$ ... $\text{OPTIMAL} < \text{FIFO} < \text{LRU}$ $\text{OPTIMAL} = \text{LRU}$ $\text{OPTIMAL} = \text{FIFO}$
posted Jul 9, 2017 in Computer Networks Prateek Raghuvanshi 2,624 views
Humm.. If call by value is robust, then call by value result must also be robust.
posted Aug 25, 2016 in Computer Networks Sandeep Verma 406 views
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