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cpi for first case $=2.2(1+2\times .2)$ as the stall required is $2$ and $2.2$ is the maximum stage delay. cpi for second state $=1\times (1+5\times .2)$ as now stall increase to $5$ as there are five stages before the address is calculated and the maximum stage delay now is $1.$ $\dfrac{\text{cpu_time1}}{\text{cpu_time2}}=\dfrac{3.08}{2}=1.54$
posted Jan 27, 2019 in Operating System Arjun 743 views
Probability that buckets other than $1$ are selected $= \dfrac{n-1}{n}$ This should happen $k$ times and each of the $k$ events are independent so $\dfrac{(n-1)^k}{n^k}$ When $k=1,$ probability of no collision $= \dfrac{n}{n}$ (for only one insert, there can ... $k>n+1$ probability of first collision $= 0$ (as it should have definitely happened in one of the previous $(n+1)$ insertions.
posted Nov 23, 2018 in Operating System Manoja Rajalakshmi A 526 views
The decimal value $0.5$ in IEEE single precision floating point representation has fraction bits of $000\dots 000$ and exponent value of $0$ fraction bits of $000\dots 000$ and exponent value of $−1$ fraction bits of $100\dots 000$ and exponent value of $0$ no exact representation
posted Feb 1, 2016 in Operating System bahirNaik 218 views
Which of the following is TRUE? Every relation in 3NF is also in BCNF A relation R is in 3NF if every non-prime attribute of R is fully functionally dependent on every key of R Every relation in BCNF is also in 3NF No relation can be in both BCNF and 3NF
posted Jan 3, 2016 in Operating System Pooja Palod 406 views
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